Tests for Japan employment scheduled for October 27 through November 14


Japan has begun the formal process for taking in immigrant workers.

The Government of Japan had announced before this to recruit foreign workers in 14 various sectors from nine countries including Nepal. Japan has prepared to recruit foreign workers as care givers in the first stage.

One has to pass the Japanese language and skill tests to be eligible for employment in Japan. The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan has stated that those wishing to go to Japan as nursing care giver under the ‘specified skilled works’ are required to pass the nursing care and Japanese language tests. They have to sit for the nursing care skill evaluation test which would be of one hour’s written examination. It will have 45 questions. The topics under this include – fundamentals of care (10 questions), mechanism of the mind and body (six questions), communication skills (four questions), physical care (20 questions) and practical test (five questions). The practical examination will be computer based test.

Similarly, the candidates will have to answer 15 questions in 30 minutes under the ‘nursing care Japanese language evaluation test’. It includes topics as technical terms of care (five questions), communication of care (five questions) and document of care (five questions). It is stated that the exam fee is 1,000 Japanese Yen. The results would be published a month after the exams are held. The candidates will have to score at least 60 per cent to pass the exam.

The examinations will be held from October 27 to 29, November 5 to 7 and November 12 to 14. Information on the process of filling up the examination form will be given within October 2. The Government of Nepal and the Government of Japan on March 25 signed MoU related to sending Nepali workers to Japan.

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