Committee formed to celebrate Science Day


The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has formed a 43-member main celebration committee to mark the Seventh National Science Day on September 18.

Minister for Education, Science and Technology Giriraj Mani Pokharel is the convenor of the main celebration committee.

Ministry’s spokesman Baikuntha Aryal said the committee held its meeting on Tuesday and decided to urge all sectors and bodies related to science and the schools to mark the National Science Day by organizing various programmes. It also decided to have the participation of the private sector active in the science field and mark the Day at the local and provincial level as well.

The Ministry has been marking the day of establishment of the Amrit Science Campus as National Science Day. Amrit Campus is the first science campus of Nepal and it was established in September 1962. It is named after its founder principal Amrit Prasad Pradhan.

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