CM Poudel’s best wishes on Bakar Eid


State 3 chief minister Dormani Poudel has said the government has equal respect to all castes and communities in the country, their culture and festivals.

Extending best wishes on the occasion of the Bakar Eid (Id-ul-zuha), one of the greatest festivals of the Muslim community today, the chief minister said the State 3 famous for cultural diversities, art and civilization since centuries is enriched by numerous natural, cultural and archeological heritages.

He wished all the Nepali Mulsim community at home and abroad peace, happiness, prosperity and good health on the occasion of the Bakar Eid. “State 3 featuring social, cultural, ethnic and religious diversities and tolerance is beautiful and colourful as of a rainbow,” he states in the best wishes message today.

“The constitution has the provisions that interrelations among the federal, state and local governments would be based on the principles of cooperation, co-existence and coordination,” he reminded, adding the governments at all three levels are committed to realising the goal of ‘ happy Nepali, prosperous Nepal’ being dedicated to the service of people

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