Lawmakers urge govt to stop importing veggies laced with pesticides


Lawmakers have demanded the government to stop importing vegetables and fruits laced with pesticides. Speaking in the zero hour of the House of Representatives meeting today, lawmaker Gagan Thapa accused the government of forcing people to consume ‘poisoned foods’ under pressure.

Similarly, Gauri Shankar Chaudhari demanded the government to stop importing vegetables and fruits from India. Chitra Lekha Yadav demanded the continuation of pesticide test on the vegetables imported from India.

Agni Prasad Sapkota drew the government’s attention to control the erosion caused by the Bhotekoshi River in Sindhupalchowk. He also demanded relief materials to those affected by the landsides at Jugal and Sunkoshi rural municipality in the district.

Krishna Prasad Sapkota said the construction of roadway causing environmental degradation must be stopped. Krishna Bhakta Pokharel viewed imposing transport tax along highway was unscientific.

Krishna Bahadur Rai worried over growing desertification of the world heritage site. Uma Regmi blamed the government that it was bringing bills without sufficient study. Moreover, Khem Prasad Lohani said government must construct the Sitapaila-Dharke section of road.

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