Govt only willing to control anarchy: Minister Banskota


Minister for Communications and Information Technology Gokul Prasad Banskota has said that the government was willing to control the anarchy not press freedom.

While responding the queries of lawmakers in the meeting of the National Assembly (upper house) under the appropriation bill discussions today, Minister Banskota clarified that the government had no intentions of curtailing the press foredoom. He further added that the government even could not think on curtailing the press freedom then how does it curtail it.

Minister said, “discussions on media council bill outside the House have no meaning.’ He also said that the sovereign Parliament was the only right place to hold discussions on any matters. Minister Banskota opined for holding healthy discussions on any bill in the parliament before endorsing it.

On another note, minister Banskota said that the geographical hindrances were affecting to effectively reach the telecommunications services in some parts of Karnali region but it would be resolved soon. 4G in major cities by mid-November Nepal Telecom is working towards expanding 4G services in all major cities in the country by mid-November this year for which ‘4G Core’ offices have been set up in Biratnagar and Nepalgunj.

Minister Banskota shared that the file relating to expansion of 4G service had stuck in CIAA’s office when he assumed the office. Stating that works towards expansion of 4G services was forwarded; he presented the studies conducted on the 4G expansion case by the parliamentary committee. A total of 600 huge BTS towers shall be made for expanding 4G services across the country while more than 4,100 BTS towers of medium and small scale should be made.

He informed parliament that although the transportation cost of one such tower would cost around Rs 10 million the installation of such towers was being expedited on a war footing. The Minister assured,” Expansion of 4G service had picked up a pace. The government aims to carry out its expansion by the end of 2019.’

He also shared that instructions were issued to Nepal Telecom to carry on its works in such a manner that there will be no any comment on its service. Furthermore, the Minister informed about the upgradation and expansion of Nepal Television and Radio Nepal’s reach. Expansion of ‘Fiber to Home’ service was being accelerated. The service has already come into operation in Kohalpur, Bharatpur and Kathmandu.

Minister Banskota clarified that the journalists should get minimum wage and reaffirmed his commitment to work for the cause of journalists. He shared that direction was issued to implement Proportional Advertising Directive-2069 BS.

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