Still some more days for monsoon to be fully active


The Meteorological Forecasting Division on June 20 announced the entry of monsoon in the country from the eastern parts. However, the monsoon has not become fully active, resulting in rising temperature throughout the country.

The Division has stated that it will take three or four days more for monsoon to be fully active since the low pressure trough is still located in central India.

Meteorologist at the Division, Raju Pradhananga said it will take three or four days for the low pressure system to gradually move towards Nepal. Only light and brief rainfall is occurring at present due to the weak monsoon and there is no possibility of heavy rain immediately, according to the Division.

Generally monsoon enters the country on June 10 but this year it arrived 12 days late. The period between June 10 to September 23 is taken as the active monsoon period.

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