Aliza Poudel

I am sharing some of my most important life lessons that I hold really close to my heart and try to make sure that I practice in my life. I want to share these because once in a while we all need a reminder and it can help us put a lot of things in perspective.

  • Feeling entitled is the worst. You are not entitled to anyone’s time, energy, attention, gifts, help, and effort. The world owes you nothing. Be sufficient for yourself. Appreciate people who help you, but don’t feel entitled to it. That’s real freedom
  • Never make excuses for the things you can’t do. Lack of resources, money help is not the problem. The real problem could be lack of mental space, a healthy mind, enough drive and motivation. Fix the later. The former changes on its own.
  • Never compare. Everyone has their own circumstances and capacity. Worry about your own.
  • People/things that appear great, grand and accomplished were once small and struggling. Everything starts small.
  • Anything real long standing takes a lot of effort. Shortcuts are big NO.
  • Similar to above. Give time to your relationship. Work on communication, effort, empathy. Gifts and other superficial stuff come later.
  • Never let the judgments of others of you define you and/or affect your self esteem. That’s freedom
  • Only you know your true potential. Discover it, achieve it. That’s self awareness.
  • You only excel at things you truly love to do. Don’t push yourself to do things just because everyone else is doing them. If its not you. ITS NOT YOU. That’s freedom.
  • LEARN real life skills! It makes you happier because it’s a sign of taking control of your life. Learn to cook, sweep, do the laundry, iron clothes, make the bed, change the sheets, go to the bank, call customer service, drive, change the bulb, etc. that’s empowerment.
  • Be happy in doing some things alone. Be happy in your own company. Be happy by yourself. That’s a freedom
  • Focus your attention in the entire little thing when you are not doing anything. You don’t have to think all the time. If you are looking outside of the car or taking a walk don’t think about what happened the other day of what’s going on in your life. Think about the bird you just saw, water that’s leaking from a faucet

, the kid in the car passing by, the color in the sky today or the gardener cutting the grass. That’s mindfulness. It does wonders.

  • At last but definitely not the least. Learn to forgive people for mistakes, let’s go and move on. Forgiveness brings more peace to you than to anyone else.


At several points in my life, I have applied these lessons and they’ve done wonders in terms of how at peace I feel. If you are feeling uninspired and confused these lessons could give you some perspective on life if you can relate.


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